The scientific community has learned how to respond to urgent mass-health matters at ‘pandemic speed’ by ditching linear thinking.

Camila Cabello performed through Mastercard’s social channels as part of ‘Priceless’

Hart Island, NY, captured by drone in April 2020
Hart Island, NY, captured by an Associated Press drone in April 2020

Aren’t we all sick of photos of Zuck and Sanders and their smug faces?

We’ve been talking about the experience economy for a long time, but we’ve taken the premise for granted.

The profit margin for a cup of coffee is about 91%

If there’s an upside to COVID-19’s impact on the economy, it’s the crash course in accelerated agility.

Photo by Aleks Marinkovic

Crappy marketing is everyone’s problem now.

Illustration by Manuja Waldia

Paige Maguire

I use design to help brands deliver great customer experiences and measurable business results. A lightning bolt at the intersection of curiosity and creation.

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